Fridaaaaay!… Bupkis

ornamental_onion_elengrey_august_2016 (1280x825)

Strictly Ornamental!

My favorite allium is…………………….. grilled.

That said, I love them in this order — red onion, garlic, shallot, leek, Vidalia, spring onion, and so it goes.

But for my strictly viewing pleasure, I adore the ornamental onion with its glossy, dark green, flat-strap leaves and, in this case, purple heads. There’s a clump in the frontscape, a clump in the backscape.

The only thing missing is more clumps.

In Other News ~

I’m under the influence of the Brits. Canadians, too. I just poured a sparkling drink and didn’t plunk — not to be confused with plonk — ice cubes in it.

In Other, Other News ~

My summer life is singularly lacking in bloggable qualities.

→ 0 ←

Can you feel it?

The days are filled with writing and gardening and sweating. Mostly sweating. And downsizing our worldly possessions.

Not sticking a toe out on the yellow brick road.

I’m good with that.

Change is in the wind. Not imminent. But in the wind.

Here be Friday.

Go ahead. Stick a toe out on the yellow brick road.

Do it for me.

Yeah. I’ve got bupkis.