Fridaaaaay!… Bupkis

ornamental_onion_elengrey_august_2016 (1280x825)

Strictly Ornamental!

My favorite allium is…………………….. grilled.

That said, I love them in this order — red onion, garlic, shallot, leek, Vidalia, spring onion, and so it goes.

But for my strictly viewing pleasure, I adore the ornamental onion with its glossy, dark green, flat-strap leaves and, in this case, purple heads. There’s a clump in the frontscape, a clump in the backscape.

The only thing missing is more clumps.

In Other News ~

I’m under the influence of the Brits. Canadians, too. I just poured a sparkling drink and didn’t plunk — not to be confused with plonk — ice cubes in it.

In Other, Other News ~

My summer life is singularly lacking in bloggable qualities.

→ 0 ←

Can you feel it?

The days are filled with writing and gardening and sweating. Mostly sweating. And downsizing our worldly possessions.

Not sticking a toe out on the yellow brick road.

I’m good with that.

Change is in the wind. Not imminent. But in the wind.

Here be Friday.

Go ahead. Stick a toe out on the yellow brick road.

Do it for me.

Yeah. I’ve got bupkis.


6 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… Bupkis

  1. Nice clumps, ha,ha. No matter what I always get a chuckle here at Elen – just like the TV.
    Writing and sweating, I hear ya. I’ve been working, sweating but not writing. It’s a sad tale Elen, I can’t wait for my little one to go back to school.
    Some of these hot days I think I may just vaporize…Ha,ha. It would be a hot mess he,he.

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  2. It’s cool here. Cool like cucumbers. But the humidity is through the roof. Sweating doesn’t help cool us off. We’re sticky (from the humidity, not S’mores). Nice clumps! (best line I’ve heard all day)

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