Single Shot Monday: All Blossoms…

… All the Time!

This was taken at Major’s Hill Park, situated above the Rideau Canal where it meets the Ottawa River.

It’s official.

It’s spring.

We’ll be inundated with posts and Instas and tweets all the day long.

Why should I be any different?

Yes. Today, I will be a pack animal.

I will run with the herd.

H A P P Y   S P R I N G  ! ! !

And Monday is in the house.

Own it.

Yup. New spring header.


Fridaaaaay!… Let’s Be Here For A Moment

ottawa_landscape_3_elengrey_may_2016 (1280x960)

I might’ve taken more than one landscape shot in Ottawa while embracing all that was the Tulip Festival.

The Ottawa River. So beautiful. So let’s hop a boat and take a cruise on the river.

Sound good?

ottawa_landscape_2_elengrey_may_2016 (1280x960)

How about that one right there?

Here be Friday.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Scratch that. I’ve got a date in the big TO tonight. But first I have to get like a truckload of mulch. You know… like a truckload.


Happy weekend, y’all.