Single Shot Monday: Pink, You Say?…

So This Is Blooming!


Right on time.

Sweet alyssum. White. Early bloomer.


Last week was a blur of being out in the garden as much as possible. Crawling around on my hands and knees. Bent over a rake. Sitting on a stool. Trying not to fall on my ass. Praying a bug didn’t crawl up my pant leg. Gloved and stylin’ in one of G-Man’s long-sleeved shirts. Wearing the ugly hat.

SOP for MOM — Standard operating procedure for month of May.

Last week was all about being outdoors as much as possible. Not tied to a keyboard. Not slaving over a cold (and heartless) microwave. Not elbow-deep in clutter sort.

It was heaven.

You know what else was heaven? Yup. Gonna tell ya.

1 – Stumbling down to the kitchen Friday morning and spying a male cardinal having the time of his life taking a splash and roll bath in the birdbath. Where is the smartphone when you really need it? It would have been an epic little video.

2 – The first pedicure of the season, which I gift myself in Month of May. OPI California Raspberry. A total breakout color for me. The yummiest of deep pinks.

Pink? Pink, you say?

I know, right?

And Monday is in the house.

Give it your best shot.


This image was taken in the frontscape May 2017.