Single Shot Monday: What Were You Thinking,…

… Monday?


I like trees with a bit of ‘tude.

This one for instance.

Yeah. Sure. You nibbled my head to a nub, but I’m still here. Armed and dangerous. 

Seriously. I have no idea what that tree is thinking.

C’mon, Winter. I need a do-over!?

If that’s the case, this Bloomfield, Ontario tree got his wish.

I’m going with the first.

In Other News ~

I’m gaining ground in 52Stories52Weeks. I only have to double team a few more weeks to get caught up. Yay! That feels good. Real good.

And Monday is in the house.

Soup is on the hob.

Git yer head down. Git yer words out, or whatever else it is you need to do today.

Oh, and smile. You can never go wrong with a smile.