Friday: Let’s Go Retro…

Summer’s kicking into high gear.

We should, too.

It’s Friday. Let’s go retro.

All you Mad Men freaks followers are thinking of that Mad Men scene.

Am I right?

I’m right.

I think I just got a little stitch in my side from all that twistin’.

Okay. A big stitch.

Meanwhile, back at the frontscape.

This might be a fave daylily.

IMG_1199_pink_daylily_elengrey_july_2015 (1280x939)

Sometimes, you’ve just got to center it.

Go ahead. Click it bigger.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


21 thoughts on “Friday: Let’s Go Retro…

  1. I love Mad Men. My husband calls me Betts. I have some of the same pjs as she does and I even have some retro dresses. We usually get dressed for dinner and drinks on Saturdays.
    Too bad the hubs wouldn’t get some Don Draper shirts. Now, that would rock my world. ha,ha.

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  2. Agh! I am always late to the table when it comes to TV watching, but just today, I finished a NetFlix marathon – as far as they have issued! I’m dying to see the last season! I am so taken with the series that I almost started over.

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  3. It is on my list to watch. When did we go from 6 channels on tv to 1000! Way too many. lol. My sister and I would be in the back seat of our ’59 Studebaker while my dad smoked a cigar and mom riding shotgun. I really love that day lilly! gorgeous color!

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  4. Great shot! Great eye as always. I am caught up on Mad Men until the final 6 episodes! Where can I find them without waiting 6 months for netflix to get them?

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