Single Shot Monday… aka Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye 2015

Let it shine. Let it shine.

shine_elengrey_january_2016 (956x1280)

Let it shine!

I had to do one last shot of the shine.

Had to.

It makes me feel all sparkly.

And who doesn’t want to feel all sparkly on the first Monday of the first month of a new year, aka the first day back to work, or… Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye 2015.

I can’t get Ricky Nelson off the brain today.

I’m all holidayed out.

We cooked!

We ate, we drank, we played.

We walked, we gathered, we event-ed.

We movie-d.

We watched The Martian (twice). We watched the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movies over again. They did not disappoint. I might have watched The Holiday three times. Mebbe.

Mebbe more.

And Little Women. I watch Little Women every year. And I admit it. I prefer the 1994 remake to the 1949 original. You get points if you’ve seen one of them. Bonus points if you’ve seen them both.

I pit my skill against G-Man’s skill in backgammon. He won. Both times.

I want a rematch! 

I pit my skill against friends in Mille Bornes on New Year’s Eve.

I want a rematch!

It’s possible I could be skilless.

And that pretty much sums up the end of 2015.

Here be the first Monday of the first month of 2016. (Lordy, I just typed 1016.)

Stay strong.

Be steady.

Git crackin’.


Skilless in Burbville Elen

P.S. Who’s hogging the coffee?!

Sorry. Did I shout?

I’ll use my inside voice.

Psst. Who’s hogging the coffee…

16 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday… aka Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye 2015

  1. Hey Elen, Happy New Year. We must have been drinking the same blog juice with words like shine and sparkly. Oh, and coffee (I had 3 cuppas today!) It is so hard to go back to work.
    Love Single Shot Monday – today especially with all the running around with sparkles and shooting them too.

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  2. Can you believe I was thinking of going caffeine-free this year? Or maybe, like, for a day? We’ll see how that goes. Feliz año nuevo!!

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