Single Shot Monday: After…

IMG_2869_hydrangea_2_elengrey_march_2016 (1009x1280)

What’s not to love?

This little lady is going out in the garden…

After the garden gets over the shock of being encased in a half inch of ice.

After the garden gets over the shock of 15 mm of rain with thunder and lightning so intense and frequent that G-Pup hightailed it to the second floor unassisted, which she hasn’t been able to do in months, and leaving G-Man solo in the living room after he trudged down the stairs at 2:30 this morning to give her comfort and succor.

See Spot run!

After the garden gets over the shock of 80 km winds of post Easter Monday.

Yeah. This little lady is going into the garden after all that, and…

After the lawn is raked and the beds are tidied.

After the new section of fence is up.


And Monday is in the house.

After all.


5 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: After…

  1. Poor G-Pup. I love the word succor – it’s in our family motto.
    We certainly have been having our share of strange-o weather.
    That little Ms Hydrangea is really sweet and will look great.
    I just started a new post and it’s about how it is officially Spring on the calendar and in our hearts but there is much waiting before things catch up in the garden and at the Farm stands.

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