Single Shot Monday: In the Pink… +

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In the Pink!

Another Ottawa Tulip Festival gem. I did use a filter on this image — Boho’s Lazy Sunday from #AColorStory . It did not change the shade of that pink tulip one bit. It did do some color magic on the leaves though.

What do you think?


Last week, I began two new ventures, both with Author Lisa Kessler who I have mentioned here before in relation to the Friday Happy Dance of JOY!

The first is a month long course on Flash Fiction (250-1000 wc), where we will look at the hook, story arc, beginning, middle, end, and twist. And so on and so forth and…

Ha-ha, Ho-ho, Hee-hee!

The second is 52Stories52Weeks, where all participants will be writing a short story a week for 52 weeks. Some of my colleagues are on their 32nd week, some on their 5th week, some finished just as I came on board.


I felt like I was losing my writing edge. And I could think of no better way to hone my craft right now than to focus on short story where every thing needs to be tight and every word counts.

I’m terrified thrilled to be writing under Lisa’s mentorship. She who is not only a successful author, but has taught writing courses in San Diego, and has been a guest speaker at national conferences and RWA Chapters. And maybe, over the next 52 weeks, She Who Must Be Obeyed. Any Rumpole fans out there?

I’m putting this out here for accountability and/or occasionally whining.

Okay. Mostly whining.


Week 1 is done, except for the critique.


And Monday is in the house.

Try not to whine…


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