Fridaaaaay!… Clingy and Needy + You know

peas_1_elengrey_may_2016 (1280x960)

Last year was the first time I planted peas. So yummy, I deemed them worth re-pea-ting.

Can you tell it’s after midnight?

Moving right along.

There are two varieties. Can you see? Planted in late May, the three specimens on the left are one type. The two on the right are another.

Don’t ask me why.

Just did.

Here they are in June.


I wasn’t sure how well they would grab and cling to a metal trellis. Last year, I fashioned a trellis out of chicken wire and tomato stakes. But I was lazy this year. Not really. This trellis is 5 feet tall. I wanted to see how far those peas would travel given opportunity and motive.

This is beginning to sound like a detective story.

Again with the moving right along.

They’re grabbing that metal trellis just fine. And when they need a little assist, I attach the climber with a little plastic clip.

Um. One variety is growing a lot faster than the other. But the shorter already has pods.

Invasion of the Pod Peas.


Close shot, baby!

I might be crooked. The click is fine. It’s me.

Look at those peas being all clingy and needy, and maybe fraternizing with the neighbors.

Yeah. Got stuck in the muddle of the middle that is my historical-paranormal-sci-fi-whatevs short story, so I decided to come over here and do this.


Here be Friday.

Try to muddle along until it’s five o’clock somewhere.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Happy weekend, y’all.


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