Single Shot Monday: Did I Scream?… +


June looks like national flower month here on the bloggity. A stray pea shot, a Ferris wheel and a landscape, and then it’s flower power, baby.


Let’s fix that.

cluny_bar_elengrey_june_2016 (1280x1035)

We met friends at the Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie in the Distillery District for brunch yesterday. It’s been on my list. First timers all of us.

I was stretched out sitting on a pretty little sofa bench right across from the bar and just inside the front doors. There’s a dining room that goes on forever just to the left and a door to the boulangerie behind me. The outside patio was enclosed and so inviting…. but the sun. I don’t mind saying it was like an oven yesterday. And that is being repeated today.

The Distillery District was doing an Om Toronto event. The main courtyard was awash in mats and twisted bodies and all things yoga-related.

Not me!

I was on a mission for eggs Bene. By the time I read through the Cluny brunch menu three times, I wanted a little of everything. I had the Pork Banh Mi Benedict — two poached eggs, roasted porchetta, pickled veg, grilled sourdough, and frites. I was feeling the afterglow before I even thought about taking a click. It was a toss up between that and the Grilled Chicken & Marrakesh Carrot Salad, which I am so having next time. And Summerlicious is coming. Oh, yeah. There’s more than one Cluny visit in my future.

Have I ever posted an interior shot?

In Other News ~

I survived my second assignment for the Flash Fiction course – a love story in 500 words. It turned out to be fantasy for 383 words. I’m revising and reposting after the critique and awaiting the next assignment in my inbox. Please don’t let it be horror. Please don’t let it be horror.

Please don’t read this, Lisa!

In Other, Others News ~

Teenybopper Bunny and her minions stripped every single leaf off the three new young fairy roses for the back fence. Now, there’s a horror story! They weren’t bothered at all while I left them in their black buckets to get a little bigger, a little bushier. Then I plunked them in the ground and put metal trellis around each plant to keep the Golden pup from trampling them, but… but… but…

I never dreamed.

Because I have six fairy rose specimens in the frontscape that were put in when they were just sweet, young things. Not one tender baby leaf was touched.

Did I scream?


We have a Lee Valley motion activated water sprinkler on them at the moment. I don’t know if the roses can be saved. ::SOB::

Damned undead bunnies.

And Monday is in the house.

Give it a chance. Or just throw a hissy.

Your choice.


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