Humpity Day: Saying It Loud…

Stick a fork in me.

I’m done.

Thank you, Stephanie Plum.

Who out there is a Janet Evanovich fan?

August already?

I missed my last five posting slots.


Saying it loud.

But not saying it proud.

Here’s the thing. Month of July was Month of Only Daughter’s Move. We sorted. We pitched. We donated. We pitched. We packed. We pitched. We cleaned. And cleaned some more. We shopped. We delivered. We cooked and baked for the guys doing the heavy lifting. And man could they lift. Note to self: Ferret out those weights and do those bicep curls and whatevers.

Just do it!

And it was a hundred and eleventy degrees all the time.

hot and sweaty

Okay. That might have been LOL Sister’s plight in the Land of Lincoln.

But it was hawt. Real hawt. And dry. Verra dry.

We were all a stinky, sweaty mess all the time.

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t glacking. If you can say glamping, you can say glacking. And glooving. I like that too. You need that extra o for the moo sound in moving. English sucks.


Some things fell by the way side.

That might’ve been me.

But here I am back on track for the month of August. Yes. I missed Monday, but it was the Civic Holiday of the moving weekend. And I wouldn’t have had July be any other way. Laughing. Sweating. Guzzling Gatorade and other libations. Leaping over boxes in a single bound. What’s not to love?

In Other News ~

We saw the newest Star Trek movie. I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Of the three in this series… it was not my favorite. Sorry! It lacked the funny. The snappy dialogue. But Jaylah?! My favorite new character.

Did you see it? Did you love it?

What movie have you seen recently that you loved?

In Other, Other News ~

Those damn bunnies are eating the tops of my carrots. My verra fine, well established carrots.

This means war!


Here be Hump Day.

Just roll with it.

And try not to sweat.



11 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Saying It Loud…

  1. Mary and I are waiting for “Turbo Twenty-Three” to arrive at the library. Won’t be until November… but we’ve read all of her numbered Stephanie Plum novels and laughed through them.

    Glad you’re back!

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  2. I was about to send out a search party! Guess you were just out chasin’ Peter Cottontail from the carrot patch. I hear ya about hawt. 30 with a heat index of 38. We went to the splash pad. And the beach 3 times last week.

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