Humpity Day: Tomahto…

Who’s growing tomatoes?

There are twenty tomato seedlings sucking up the sunshine in the upstairs den. Three different varieties. This was taken a few days ago when they stood five inches at the highest. Today — seven inches. We might be running a little tomato stand this summer. But I always have to take into account the demon squirrels and the pigmunks and the undead bunnies when I think about yield. I could end up with a pint of tomatoes for my effort. Just sayin’.

Here be Hump Day in all its spring color palette.

Get jiggy with it.


9 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Tomahto…

  1. I’m a bit jelly! I haven’t planted anything (excepts herbs and a tiny peach tree). It’s a good thing tomato foliage is poisonous–they’ll keep most animals away from the fruit. Caterpillars and birds are eeeevil.

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  2. Nice colours on the tomato photo Elen. You don’t even have to ask if I’m growing do you? I picked two kinds this year a pineapple (it’s an heirloom) and a yellow cherry, to go with my colour garden scheme.

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