Single Shot Monday: In All Things…


After Super Bowl Sunday, you might be feeling a bit like this.

Own it.

True Confessions ~

I did not watch the Super Bowl. I did not watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I did not eat the Super Bowl food.

I – and when I say I, I mean We — have been clicking our way through the Borgen series for the second time. If I watch it as many times as I have watched the West Wing and Friends series, I should be speaking Danish in no time. Or not. It has to be one of my fave political drama series.

It makes me want to drink coffee. Constantly.

It makes me want to ride my bike. Everywhere.

It makes me want to walk around at home in a wool blanket. All. The. Time.

Has anyone seen it?

Who else will watch a movie or television series with subtitles?

We went to dah movies, the show, the cinema this weekend and saw The Post. I was riveted by — the very fine cast. The ugly fashions from the early sixties. And that whole sideburn sitch. Bridget Jones would have had something to say about that.

It was a compelling biographical/historical/political drama.

Anyone have an opportunity to see that yet?

And Monday is in the house.

Say it out loud.



4 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: In All Things…

  1. I did watch the Super Bowl. I did watch the Half Time Show. I did not eat Super Bowl snacks, although my glass of Portuguese red wine was delicious. I watch every moment of the game, right up until the very last second of the very last play. Dave has been a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, and I already give him too much grief for following the Toronto Maple Leafs that I just didn’t have the heart to mount a campaign against him with football. I have to say that the game was well played and I have come to (over the years) come to admire the strategy of the game. There was one announcer, though that I kept hoping would get his mic unplugged by accident. LOL.

    Now on to political drama, which I toots love btw, I’ve never seen the show you mentioned, but I have this thing for subtitles. I have a running list of shows, music, and books that I’d like to get into, so I will add your recommends.
    I did watch Mudbound. Which deeply impacted me. I also loved the cast and the story of Hamstead.

    Well, that’s a mindful Monday post and comment, too. Gee, what a delight.
    Thanks, Elen.

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    • My father was the ultimate sports watcher. I love to go to a baseball game. I love to go to a basketball game. But I have never gotten the hang of that watching sports on television thang. I love that other people do. I will sit with you while you do, but my nose will be shoved in a book. The closest I’ve ever come to watching football was Friday Night Lights. 😀 Oh. Another good subtitled drama is Occupied. It’s on Netflix, I believe. Norwegian. I haven’t seen either of the two films you mentioned. I will check them out. Always appreciate your comments, Kellie. Cheers!


  2. I watched the game. So disappointed that the Bills weren’t in it. I wore my new Bills jersey and pretended the Pats were the Bills…lost another one. Damn! Anyway, glad the season is finally over. Now, onto some better things to do…watch golf 😎🤪

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