Single Shot Monday: Monday feels…

… like this.

Beautifully messy.

Winter Hedge!

Before I took this click, I had to snatch a green extension cord out of the hedge. We set it there while taking down the Christmas lights in January. For a while, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Was it a snake?

Was it a sign of early spring?

Was it a giant twist tie?

Somebody’s belt?

If the latter, what else did they leave???

In Other News ~

I was such a total slug this weekend my Fitbit was reporting in negative numbers.


I have a thang for weather movies. Well, that and Gerard Butler. So I watched Geostorm Sunday afternoon.  There’s just something about all those computer-generated weather phenoms. I can’t look away. It’s my version of watching horror.

What’s your favorite weather disaster movie?

And Monday is in the house.

Say it ain’t so.


10 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Monday feels…

  1. I’m fond of Twister with Helen Hunt, but also like The Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid & Jake Gyllenhaal. Come to think of it, those might be the only 2 weather movies I’ve ever seen…

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  2. No weather disaster movie but I enjoyed the book about the attempt to cross Antarctica in 1914/15 by an English crew. The weather was a bit much for them and…oh, heck, read Endurance by Alfred Lansing. And do it now while it’s winter so you get the feeling.

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