Tuesday Post: How I Love Thee, Ms. Vernal…


Tis the spring (vernal) equinox in my hemisphere beginning at 12:15 p.m. (ET) today. Hence, the new vibrant header. Well… as vibrant as watercolor can be.

Don’t think I won’t be whooping it up. Wahoo-ing, wooting, and happy dancing in my thick green sweater and brown cords.


I’ll Take Your Answers ~

What is your favorite season?

Feel free to answer outside the box.

Some peeps have snow on the ground in spring. I call that winter myself but I’m bent that way.

Lately, it feels like three seasons here — wringer, summer, and flinter. With the escalation of global warming, I see wingsumflinter in our future. One season to rule them all. One layered wardrobe in the closet. Who will design the flip-flop boot first? And what will it be called?

These are the things that keep me up at night. That and a good book.

Waiting On You!

I’m waiting for these common violets to show their sweet little heads. They live in my own back garden.

Happy Spring, Y’all!

Or… Happy Fall, Y’all! if you’re in that southern hemisphere.

Please entertain me in the comment section. That is all.


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: How I Love Thee, Ms. Vernal…

  1. Someone once told me that their favorite season was whatever season was the time. My favorite season, though, is April May June July August September October maybe some of November, AMJJASON (prom. AHM-jus-on, accent on the first syllable). Sounds Swedish, don’t ja tink?

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  2. I’m LOLing “winsumflinter”! Great word! We’re getting some of that now. Sun is shining and warm but we’re getting 5-10 cm of snow tomorrow. N’or Easter number 4. C’mon spring! Kick winter to the curb!

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