Humpity Day: Smooch…

Boat Wake!

This click was also taken during the 2013 Coastal Maine boat tour. Bar Harbor. I love all that churning motion.

In Other News ~

The color for the mani I had last Wednesday is OPI Kiss Me – Or Elf! 2014, I think. It’s a purply-red. So. I came home and shouted Kiss Me – Or Elf! G-Man thought I might’ve had a tipple. It wasn’t even St. Paddy’s Day.

I got the smoochy-smoochy anyway. Thank you very much.

Who has seen A Wrinkle in Time? It’s on my list. Would you see that? Or the new Tomb Raider? Or Black Panther? I’m pining to go to the show. The movies. The theater. The talkies, man! Maybe even the drive-in. I wonder when that opens and if we even have one around here.

This sun is shining, and I found daffodil tips underneath the dead peony leaves.

Let’s blow this Hump Day off and go for a bike ride.

Who’s with me?


12 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Smooch…

  1. Funny. You make me smile 😀
    Ah, the movies…. yes, hubby and I have been in recent weeks. We did see Tomb Raider. I thought it was well done, but wouldnt rush back. I do enjoy AV in the lead role.
    Black Panther – really enjoyed it! Another origin story, well done and I’m sure its going to tie into the next Avengers movie.
    Enjoy the movies when you get there and also love the photograph!

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