Tuesday Post: Busting Out All Over… +

My Weakness!

Don’t you want to just eat that up? Or click it bigger?

Taken in 2015 in my own back garden. Busting out all over. This lilac had to be severely cut when the new fence went in last October. I was really worried, but it seems to be leafing out and budding up. It won’t be the beauty this year that it was here, but once it goes through physio and maybe a little massage therapy and silent meditation, it will be just fine.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Then name your favorite book or movie in that genre.

It’s okay to say I’m just not that into it.

I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

We survived Day 1 of the Jamie Oliver’s 5-Day Veggie Challenge. I ate the Day 2 breakfast sandwich this morning. G-Man had eggs. No peanut butter for him. No tree nuts for him either. I continue to post pics on Instagram here.

Tuesday, y’all!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: Busting Out All Over… +

  1. I don’t read sci-fi or fantasy, but I like the Star Trek movie franchise. Couldn’t tell you the actual names of any of the movies, but when it comes to Stars I prefer Trek to Wars.

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  2. I’m usually a fantasy kinda reader. I’m huge fan of Shannara by Terry Brooks. But with such sci-fi books like The Martian and Ready Player One I’m turning toward the sci-fi genre.

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