Single Shot Monday: We All Did a Little Boogie…

Apropos of nothing, you know what I love? I love laundry day. I love bending over the washing machine — no, not that way — pulling out clean, wet clothes, and finding all manner of silver coin lazing on the drum floor.

Kaching, kaching!

My frog bank thanks you, G-Man.

I love seeing the city street reflected in the Hudson’s Bay holiday window. The spotlights appear to be highlighting traffic instead of the wintry downtown Toronto scene. Heh.


I look like a human drop cloth. Truth!

Did I mention when I said I was painting through the house that I meant ceilings, walls, trim, baseboards, and doors? Well… I did.

Except for the occasional outing and social engagement, I stick my hand out the front door and wave my paintbrush at my neighbors so they know I’m okay. I live in paint clothes. They aren’t runway approved. They may have to be burned at the end of this painting journey. I am a vision of loveliness paintliness. I have bruises on my knees, and I creak a little too. It’s not pretty, I tell you.

The living and dining room ceilings have been done. It took two days to get the paint out of my hair. Good thing everything else was covered. I’m not a particularly sloppy painter. Not at all. But, but, but… I always end up with paint splatter in my hair and on my face and dotting my arms when I do ceiling work. Go figure.

Half the main area is now painted. Three coats and trim. There was a lot of jumping for joy at the paint store when I ordered up a gallon of color instead of gallons of white primer and Simply White. We all did a little boogie. The staff have become invested in my Chained to the Paint project. Probably because I’m in there every other minute. The two long walls are now a beautiful shade of Benjamin Moore Italian Ice green. It is the palest of yummy greens. The other walls will be — yup — BM’s Simply White.

It takes eleventy hundred years to cover up marigold yellow walls. Just sayin’.

Yes, I’m taking before and after shots, but I don’t have the time to edit those right now. I’ll post them in the new year. But you can Google the colors.

I don’t know how you paint, but I paint to noise. Gotta have it. The brush comes out and the Hallmark holiday movies go on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to The Holiday while rolling. It has the best musical score to find your happy place. Then, there are the Spotify holiday music playlists. They get a good workout too.

And that’s my tragic little update. Still managed to get the outdoor holiday vibe going and the lights ready to be turned on December 1st. Indoors, I’m blinging as I go. It’s how we’re rolling in 2018.

G-Man keeps me fed and in clean clothes most of the time. And the man knows how to make a wicked martini.

Missing my time with you guys.

And Monday is in the house.

I need a Christmas cookie. Stat!


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