Humpity Day: Did you think I wouldn’t notice?… Again


Let’s just state this upfront.

This is not a good photo. In fact, it’s a no good, very bad photo. I’m not tall. And I was standing on a very narrow step on my tippy-toes, shoulders hunched, arms raised, sun shining on the smartphone to get this shot. There was no room for a ladder, and scaffolding would have required a trip to the Home Depots. So, let’s get past that.

This is the inside of my mailbox. I leave the lid up for the mail delivery person. Retrieving my mail today, I found this delicious crust of carb and this peanut shell with one nut in it.

The leader of our squirrel posse is a hoarder, and this is his favorite larder for hoarding. His second favorite spot is the kitchen window ledge. I wrote about the squirrel posse here.

This is the same squirrel who likes to fence-flop in high summer.

He sure knows how to make himself at home.

If we sell our home, I may have to list him as an included — one fence-flopping, hoarder squirrel.

I left the lid up in case he gets to feeling peckish. But I drew the line at adding a glass of wine.

Here be Hump Day.

Single file to Thursday here.


3 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Did you think I wouldn’t notice?… Again

  1. Well, wait a minute, just how tall, er, short, are you. I mean it’s a dang mailbox and they’re placed, generally, shoulder high so the mailman, okay, mail person (I’m so 60s, maybe 50s) can reach it, EASILY. I’m just guessing but are you 3’4”, give or take a few cm’s? I know, you’re also on the metric system so you probably dimensioned it to the wrong standards when you installed it. You bought it on-line from a Farm ‘n Fleet store in Oklahoma, right? My advice, put a mouse trap in there just to scare him, the squirrel not the postperson!

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