Humpity Day: Did you think I wouldn’t notice?… Again


Let’s just state this upfront.

This is not a good photo. In fact, it’s a no good, very bad photo. I’m not tall. And I was standing on a very narrow step on my tippy-toes, shoulders hunched, arms raised, sun shining on the smartphone to get this shot. There was no room for a ladder, and scaffolding would have required a trip to the Home Depots. So, let’s get past that.

This is the inside of my mailbox. I leave the lid up for the mail delivery person. Retrieving my mail today, I found this delicious crust of carb and this peanut shell with one nut in it.

The leader of our squirrel posse is a hoarder, and this is his favorite larder for hoarding. His second favorite spot is the kitchen window ledge. I wrote about the squirrel posse here.

This is the same squirrel who likes to fence-flop in high summer.

He sure knows how to make himself at home.

If we sell our home, I may have to list him as an included — one fence-flopping, hoarder squirrel.

I left the lid up in case he gets to feeling peckish. But I drew the line at adding a glass of wine.

Here be Hump Day.

Single file to Thursday here.