Single Shot Monday: Good to Go? Me, too… +

Have a Seat!

Let’s stop here a moment before the week begins.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Good to go? Me, too.


National Grammar Day or National Pound Cake Day. Which sounds more interesting to you?

I think I’m going to have to go with National Pound Cake Day. Isn’t every day National Grammar Day?

Not that I’m going to have pound cake. The hiney — variant of heinie — monitor says No! I’m a hiney monitor. Similar to a hall monitor, but more personal. Does your hiney have a pass to eat that pound cake? I don’t think so. Back to the dreadmill. Now!

Dreadmill is courtesy of LOLSister. I’m keeping it forever.

Moving right along…

Back to books and movies.

Who has read A Discovery of Witches (historical fantasy, 2011) by Deborah Harkness? I can’t believe this was a G-Man recommendation. We rarely ever read the same titles. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this book in 2011. Where was I? What was I doing? It’s long, people. Close to 600 pages long. And I was riveted to every page. If you love historical details, which I do. If you love fantasy, which I do. If you love academia and science, which I do. You will probably love this book. The end.

Who has seen Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney, 2018)? I confess that I love animation and children’s movies. Did you like it? Should I rent it?

And Monday is in the house.



Note: The above image was taken at Edwards Gardens (Toronto) in September of 2013.

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  1. Do I really have to choose? Couldn’t I eat some pound cake whilst correcting everyone else’s grammar? Make the day a double holiday? I think that’s my answer to your question.

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