Single Shot Monday: What Every Corner Needs…

Color Pop!

Every corner needs a pop of color.

And a walking stick. Definitely a walking stick.


It was a putter-chore kind of weekend. Well, after making the bathrooms sparkle. Another painting got hung in the long hall gallery. The coffee counter got a good sorting out. Moved furniture around at the City Kitty mama’s place. I trod up and down the stairs carrying one thing at a time so I could get my steps in. A girl’s gotta do…

The weekend of the un-glam.

Stuck my face out in the sunshine. Self care lite.

Snow is receding. There are patches of grass showing, and leaves that didn’t get raked up last autumn are poking through snow remains.

Two more sleeps until the vernal equinox, but who’s counting?

And Monday is in the house.

Work it.


7 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: What Every Corner Needs…

  1. I’m counting. Do you believe it, another inch of snow this morning (2.5cm makes it sound worse). It’s a knock down, drag out battle to push winter outta here. OUT WITH, YA’ BAS… whoops, I got carried away for a moment. I better take my pills. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PILLS??? (I like the walking stick)

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