Single Shot Monday: It’s the Name of the Game…

Daffy Girl!

Took this click under my knees while sitting on a one-step step stool in the frontscape tidying up perennials. I was in constant danger of tipping over backwards. So when I say Daffy Girl, I might be referring to myself.

What I do for you.

Here’s the pull-back shot.

I’m in the frontscape today in a fleecy zip-up over a sweatshirt. Wearing a toque instead of a garden hat. It is 43 feels like 35 Fahren, but the wind is low. Beat the coming week of rain is the name of the game.

The postal guy walks by… We’re still wearing jackets and winter hats.

Me: Yep.

A new-to-me neighbor is being walked by Bauer, the Golden. That’s right, as in Eddie. He sits on my foot when he isn’t rooting out leaves in my perennials.


I took the time to deliver full body scratches and a total love fest. It’s what Goldens live for.

And Monday is in the house.

Let’s give it a full body scratch.