Single Shot Monday: I’m thinking about this… +

July, baby!

But I’m doing this…

Seedlings, Seedlings, and More Seedlings!

These snow peas are changing daily. In fact, they are changing from morning to night. They are creeping me out, man.

Aren’t they beaut? I just hope they don’t start climbing before I get them outside. You can see what they looked like on Saturday at my Instagram.

We’ll just call this Single Shot Monday: The Late Edition

The day started with bread baking and will end with writing.

The G-Pup came home from the groomer with a micro barrette with a pink feather dangling from it clipped to her ear. Usually she comes home with a bandanna tied around her neck. I guess spring has sprung for the groomer techs. She’s clipped, fluffy, clean, and stylin’.

I’m clean. The end. Okay. Truth. The hair is fluffy, but not in a good way.

And Monday is in the house.

Words to count before I sleep, peeps.


9 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: I’m thinking about this… +

  1. Snow peas! They’re gorgeous! I have planted only a peach tree so far. I need to rebuild my garden beds. But you have inspired me to plant some seeds of something, maybe bush beans (because they don’t need a trellis). 😀

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  2. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t started any seeds this spring. Usually I’m all about starting some flowers and veggies, but this year I am going to *gasp* buy whatever I need when its time to plant outside. Your seedlings, however, are adorable and I love seeing them.

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  3. Peas are sturdy little fellas. They can tolerate cold. I’ve started them, direct seeding outdoors (in a sheltered spot, against a west facing wall so they could climb and enjoy the late afternoon sun) as early as mid-March. You could experiment with a few to see if your micro-climate is suitable?

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