Single Shot Monday: Chair Couples… +

Catching Some Rays!

A chair couple or a couple of chairs? I say chair couple.

Taken at Edwards Gardens on Friday. There were chair couples everywhere catching some rays. Clearly, this couple was in a serious relationship with their matching leg chains and all. I just hope they were using protection. And by protection, I mean SPF 50. They’re already looking a little too lobstery.


We’re having a little spring fling this week with temps in the 50’s Fahren. I saw people desperate Canadians at the Home Depots hauling out grass seed and bags of soil and DIY lumber. It was a spring fling frenzy.

I forgot why we were there. Oh yeah. Batteries and green toilet bowl cleaner.

While we were at Edwards Gardens spying on the chair couples, I picked up two hellebore plants, aka Lenten Rose, for our own garden. The link I gave you is one of a zillion on the Googles.

In spite of the ice storm last week, green spikes continue to poke up everywhere. I swoon. I just haven’t figured out what they are yet.

We were out every possible moment this weekend. You?

And Monday is in the house.

Had to come back indoors sometime.


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  1. We’ve got lilies poking there little green heads up and purple crocuses blooming in the yard. We’ve got peppers sprouting in the living room and a high of 15 C today! Dare I say it’s spring time?

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