Single Shot Monday: Jump On It… +

Crocus Pocus!

This is the first image I took at the last visit I made to Edwards Gardens. It was the wrong time of day. The sun was too bright. But I didn’t care. I was there. Seizing the moment.


I wanted to be out raking the yard on this glorious Sunday, but it’s too windy. So here I am writing my Monday blog post. Yesterday, it rained all the day long which caused all the little garden green spikes to push up another few inches. The daffs are definitely going to bloom this week. Can I get an amen?!

So. Saturday we tossed a log fire into the fireplace, and the Only and I baked chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese sammies. G-Man put bread dough together, and we watched The Perfect Storm (2000) again. It’s hard to believe that film is 18 years old.

The Only and I talked about gaming. She’s totes the gamer. I’m totes not. But I’m feeling a little pull to play something other than Fruit Ninja on the smartphone.

We try to stay off the social medias on the weekend and talk to each other and anyone out in the neighborhood.

We’re moving into the sixties and low seventies this week. Patio furniture be going out.

And Monday is in the house.

Jump on it!

Thank you Bruno Mars.


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  1. Your weekend sounds perfect. I wanted to do some gardening, but turns out the weather forecasters who said it’d be in the 60s & sunny were wrong. Imagine that! So I stayed inside and read and watched a movie and some TV– and made meatloaf. ‘Cuz the excitement never ends here. A fact.

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