Fridaaaaay!… Go Green

A Bit o’ the Green!

This sits on my desk. I look at it every day and wait for my seeds to arrive in the mail.

It needs to be soon.



Now, okay?

Today, I’m wearing my green eyes, green sweater, green earrings… and orange socks. Nobody can see those. They’re stuffed into DAV ankle boots, which are black. Pretty much the basic wardrobe is black. Not much to coordinate there. Throw on a pop of color — like green for St. Paddy’s Day — and you’re done. Even the iPhone case is green.


I’m thinking in green today.

Aren’t you just green with envy?


Moving right along.

True Confessions ~

I watched a few movies this month.

Finding Dory (2016) — Not just for kids. It was a kick.

Lion (2016) — We all left the theater feeling a little shocky and bruised. It was the most powerful film I’ve seen in 2017.

Jackie (2016) — History, biography. Natalie Portman. What’s not to love there? I might be suffering from secondhand smoke. Mebbe.

Passengers (2016) — IMDb labels it adventure/drama/romance. iTunes labels it sci-fi/fantasy. Take your pick. I liked this more than G-Man, but then I’m a sucker for special effects and a good bartender. Still. I thought the real story was missing from the reel. Let me know what you think.

There might have been more, but those stuck in my brain.

What have you seen? Anything?

Here be Friday in all its wintry March glory.

Now. Go get your green on.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Guinness, I say!



Single Shot Monday: I just said, “Gimme.”…

IMG_6078_elengrey_march_2014 (1280x1280)

I’m giving you a bit of the green for St. Patrick’s Day and some spring luscious red.

A dinner guest arrived last week with a bottle of white in one hand and clutching this pot of tulips in the other.

I didn’t know which to go after first, so I just said, “Gimme.”

As soon as the ground thaws in July, I’ll be plunking them in the frontscape.

Just kidding.

It’ll thaw way before that.

Looks around nervously. Chews thumb.

Feed Finds

If you have a little bit of the Irish in you today ~ @ The Art of Doing Stuff — Karen’s How to spend the day Irish style. I’ve been reading Karen’s blog for a long time. Why? Because she truly knows how to do stuff. And she’s funny. Funny, funny, funny. You should be reading her, too. Go on. Click on over.

For Cupcake Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Myndi Shafer — Myndi’s Cupcakes. Myndi knows how to talk cupcakes in a way that makes me smile and remember. I wanted to gallop downstairs and sift things in the kitchen. You might see a bit of the green in that last shot? I need a recipe, Myndi. Clickety-click.

And Monday gallops in with spring riding its tail.