Humpity Day: Randomness… +


Spotify is humming in the background. Right now the hips are rockin’ This Is How We Do It. It’s what’s in the queue. Of course, that’s not how we do it at all. We don’t have those kinds of moves.

But no one’s lookin’.

The word queue is one I fumble over spelling every time. It’s one of those words. I just keep adding q’s and u’s until it looks long enough. Then WordPress hits the ugly red buzzer and I have to resort to using the Googles.

Not that WordPress is always correct.

English is weird, man!

Embarrass is another one. I do it this way. Em for Emily. Barr for Roseanne. And then we’re just left with ass the donkey. Easy peasy.

Fun with words.

What word trips you up? C’mon. Everyone has at least one word that does not roll off the spelling tongue. I want to know yours.

I’m just being a nosy parker.

In Other News ~

rain on flowers

We have officially entered Mud Season, as we hit 63 Fahren today. With a Golden Retriever who thinks she’s a Wilbur, you can imagine that this is my least favorite season. It is the season of dipping paws in the water bucket, dirty towels, and floors and rugs that will never be clean.

Oh sure, we’ll have snow again. The temps will go up and down, up and down. But the rain and mud is inevitable too.

It’s also the season of squirrels digging holes in the lawn, checking their stash from last fall. I’m watching one right now. He dug a hole smack-dab in the middle of the back garden. I guess he found what he was looking for, because then he proceeded to cover it back up and pat it down.

Just checking!

I could use him when garden season begins. Just sayin’. But most likely he will morph into Zombie Squirrel by then, and hang with Pigmunk.

Can o' Daisies

Speaking of gardening, the first round of heirloom seeds got ordered yesterday. The gardening fingers are getting itchy. Forget sugarplums. I have visions of lettuces and spinach and new peas and carrots and basil and juicy little tomatoes on the vine…


Speaking of movies, which I wasn’t, but now I am. I watched The Peanuts Movie last night. And it reminded me that one of my favorite theme songs was the Peanuts Theme Song. I’m particularly fond of ThePianoGuys performing here.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just dance and dream right over it.